Hanna - Wrap Cardigan in 34-54

Hanna - Wrap Cardigan in 34-54


Pattern wrap cardigan Hanna
Hanna is a wrap cardigan with a feminine air. It’s the perfect garment for casual styles, but will equally complement your business outfit.
This pattern is suitable for knit fabric like sweater knit or jacquard jersey.
The Hanna cardigan was professionally graded and covers sizes 34-54. Included with
  • the detailed, illustrated instruction e-booklet
  • are a print at home file suitable for A4 and letter paper
  • as well as a copy shop pattern for use with A0 paper.

Size chart

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This pattern is for personal use only. Mass production, copying or passing on of the booklet / pattern is prohibited.

I would love to see what you create.
Please add the hashtag #FinasHanna or #finasideen to your posts, so that we can all see your creations.
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